February 20, 2010

Can You Help a Malaysian Atheist? - renouncing Islam means death.

via Planet Atheism by Hemant Mehta on 2/20/10

This email comes from a female reader in Malaysia:
I’m an atheist and proud to be one although I can’t exactly reveal my true self since I live in Malaysia where ethnic Malays are ‘MUSLIMS’ and can’t convert to other religions.
My dad was previously a Catholic Filipino (who converted to Islam) and my mum is Malay. When I was born, I was a Muslim by default. I’ve been an atheist since 4 years ago (before that I was just agnostic) and I’m in a relationship with a British guy. We plan to get married but as usual – my parents wants him to convert so we can ‘nikah‘.
We can’t get married in the UK since he doesn’t have a job there and I doubt I can get a job there because of their recession. We are both happily living together in Malaysia (his funds comes from a house he’s renting out in Oxford) but we hate the direction this country is going. Today they caned 3 women and 4 men for having sex outside of marriage. In Malaysia, atheists are very much hated and I can never be myself here or even voice out my opinions.
My question may be ridiculous but is there an organization which helps atheist people just like how they have those Christian organization who help their kind? The help we need is to get out of this country — by securing a job somewhere else, or a lawyer who can help us get married without him having to convert (which is impossible as many have tried).
FYI — renouncing Islam is a death sentence in Malaysia (Malays are trialed using the Syariah Law)
Any suggestions for her?

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