September 10, 2010

Sheyla Hershey removed world’s largest breast implants!


The woman with the world’s largest breasts, who was fighting for her life after complications from her 30th augmentation, has finally had her massive implants removed in a bid to restore her health.

Sheyla Hershey had two operations to drain infectious fluids that developed since getting her enormous size M breast implants three months ago in Brazil. Size M is illegal in the United States.

She has had to visit doctors twice a week, take a cocktail of medications and lived with a special vacuum to suction out more infectious fluids. Her doctor says the bacteria have not cultured out, but is confident that once all four  implants (two in each breast) are taken out, she will make a full recovery.

“I decided to go smaller — a lot smaller. I just want a normal size like a housewife has,” she told Fox 26 News in Houston on the day of her breast implant removal surgery.

“I know it’s going to be a lot of pain on me because I love to have them, but I realize that my family comes first and I love my daughter and son and they come first. Even though I love to have huge breasts, I don’t know why, I just addicted to it;  I’m going to try to live without it. Hopefully I will be done then and be happy and just running around with my kids!,” she says.

Following the operation, doctors say Sheyla’s condition is improving. But the good news isn’t enough to lift her spirits–she says she’s disappointed that surgeons removed most of her breast tissue in the operation.

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